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Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers are vital in protecting your downstream equipment from damage due to “wet” compressed air. Our tailored maintenance programmes ensure your dryers provide years of reliable service. If the worst happens, our factory-trained, experienced Engineers can get you back up and running.


Water chillers reduce heat in a wide range of processes for industrial and medical applications. ALS’s Engineers are F-Gas certified, so we can provide a full range of services. From commissioning through to planned maintenance and on-site repairs, we have the expertise to support you.

Gas Generators

ALS has the specialist knowledge needed to ensure your systems perform as effectively as possible. Whether you need laboratory grade gas for analytical instruments or larger volumes of nitrogen for industrial processes, our team use calibrated instruments to check you’re getting the correct quality of gas for your application.

Air Quality Testing

It's vital your systems perform properly and meet your process needs and legislation. ALS has the expertise and equipment to check compressed air meets ISO 8573:2010 and that gas meets industry standards such as ISO 12021 (breathing air), European Pharmacopeia, or EIGA Food Additives E941, and more. We help you identify the relevant standards and develop an appropriate testing programme.

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